What influences air conditioning prices in Cairns?

What influences air conditioning prices in Cairns?

Are you looking for the best aircon brands? It’s not easy to find the exact price online, including fitting. It’s because there are so many factors that impact the final cost that professionals cannot give an exact quote without seeing your premises. If you offer a quote without visiting your premises, it is risky. What do you do if they show up and insist on charging more?

It might not be possible to get an exact price without a quote. However, you can understand the factors that influence the cost and have an informed conversation about it with your air conditioning professional. Let’s take an in-depth look.

Factor 1: Type of Air Con

Your air conditioner’s type will impact both your initial purchase price as well as your ongoing costs. (See our section on efficiency below). An evaporative HVAC is cheaper to install than a split system and both will cost less than a ducted system.

Your choice should not be based on price. Evaporative and split systems won’t work if you need to cool a large building. A ducted system is far more efficient. The best products should be chosen by your air conditioning professional.

Factor 2: Size of the Unit You Buy

Although larger air conditioners can cool more areas and rooms, they are also more expensive upfront. You will also use more electricity if you have a 14kW split system cooling multiple rooms. A small 2.6kW unit cooling one room will consume far less power.

Factor 3: Installation Requirements

The installation cost is the second largest factor in the initial cost. Installation can be complicated or easy depending on the system. Evaporative systems, on the other hand, need water. Ducted systems, however, will require ducting to be installed between the air conditioner and the cooling rooms. These will vary in ease of installation, and can often cost more.

Factor 4: Efficiency of Your System

After your air conditioner has been installed, the main expense will be its running costs. These costs can be affected by the efficiency of your system. Less efficient units will consume less electricity to cool the same amount as less efficient ones.

If you expect Cairns residents or businesses to use your air conditioner a lot, it is worth investing in a more effective system.

Factor 5: How to Use It

The time of the day can have an impact on your ongoing running costs. Many electricity plans charge different amounts for peak or off-peak usage. Businesses will likely use the most electricity during peak hours, but home usage is more variable. Your AC costs will be lower if it’s only used for a few hours after you return from work than if it’s running all day.

Factor 6: How Cool Are You Trying To Cool Your Rooms?

Your running costs will also be affected by the size of the room you are trying to cool. A larger room will require more cooling, so you either need a stronger AC or one you can run for longer periods to achieve the desired temperature.

The speed at which your room heats up is another factor. If your room faces north, for instance, you would expect it to warm up quickly due to the sun’s intense rays. A room on the other side of your house may naturally be cooler.

Factor 7: The Air Conditioning Pro

The last factor that affects the price is who. It may seem tempting to save some money by doing the work yourself or hiring a novice fitter. However, professional teams with many years of experience will deliver the best results.

Our 10+ years of experience in fitting many air conditioning systems has been invaluable. We offer warranties on our high-end products as well as our workmanship guarantee. This will ensure that you are protected in case anything goes wrong.

  • Five-year warranty on parts and labour
  • Five-year warranty on zones and labour
  • Wi-Fi warranties are two years
  • Ten year warranty on workmanship
  • We guarantee Cairn’s best air conditioning

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