What are the most popular types of aircon systems throughout Australia?

What are the most popular types of aircon systems throughout Australia?

Australia is a fantastic country. It has amazing natural wonders, trendy cities full of life and culture, beautiful beaches, and a flourishing economy. It’s a fantastic area to work, live or raise children and spend the time off. But the summertime in Australia is hot and fast. With temperatures reaching 45 degrees celsius in certain seasons, it definitely is worth having the right climate control systems within your home.

Air conditioners are among the most widely used method of control of temperature in Australia. If you’re thinking of installing one or more of them in your house, you could be thinking about which kind of air conditioners you need to buy. There are several kinds that are available and in this post, we’ll look at what they are, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The air conditioner is named because it has two parts that comprise the unit. The inside unit is responsible for blowing cool air and the unit on the outside has a cooling system.

The split system is the most commonly used kind of system available in Australia and is ideal for small rooms or open areas that are up to 60 metres square. Their cost ranges from $600 to up to a few thousand dollars, depending on the manufacturer and the cost of installation.

Split systems can be efficient in energy usage when used to heat small or larger areas. Since they can only cool an area or room so you must be careful about where you install the split system. For instance, you’ll likely need an air conditioner in the living space as well as in your bedroom. Because these spaces require the greatest cooling because you’ll spend the bulk of your time in these spaces.

Multi-split System

This kind of air conditioner unit is very like split system, however, it is linked with more than one indoor unit. This is ideal when rooms are close to each other, such as bedrooms. It’s a cost range for the split system of an all-split device.

One benefit to this type of model of cooling system is it can regulate your temperature for each indoor unit and the temperature can change. You can make rooms that are colder than others. This is great for families that prefer different degrees of cooling. Your children can be blasting while you get the perfect temperature for you.

Ducted cool

Ducted cooling has a central cooling system that is usually hidden away in a quiet area such as the roof. It’ll have several air ducts that run throughout your house. Each room will be equipped with its individual air outlet as well as temperature sensors.

This model is ideal to cool a home, and can often be used in conjunction with a heating option in order to help keep your home warm during winter. But, the price for a ducted system begins at about $5,000, and increases slowly from there, especially in the case of a larger house. This puts it expensive and out of budget for certain households. Running costs can be costly, particularly when you have the heating feature too.

Window or wall unit

It’s one of the first types of air conditioners that are available in Australia. It is an enclosed unit that can be installed in the form of a wall or window. It is ideal for small rooms, or for smaller open-plan areas. They can be connected into a standard power point however larger models might require additional wiring. Window units may not be as efficient in terms of energy efficiency than split systems, however, they are cheaper, and thus more suitable for households with a smaller budget.

Air conditioner for portable

This is a less powerful type of air conditioner that can move from room space if you want. Most of them have a duct hose that is flexible and requires to be attached to a window to allow the heat to escape to outside.

These systems are extremely inefficient and are best suited for situations where you are unable to install an integrated system. They could, for instance, be ideal if you lease the space or home and your landlord doesn’t want to install an integrated system.


We’ve outlined the various kinds of air conditioners that are available in Australia and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each. The most efficient model is a split system however, a multi-system could be beneficial for larger families or people with various temperature requirements.

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