How often should I be servicing my aircon?

How often should I be servicing my aircon?

Your AC unit, just like a car’s engine, needs regular servicing to ensure its peak performance. No matter what model or age your cooling system is, it should be serviced at a minimum once a year.

There are a few situations where it may be more important to have it serviced regularly.

  • If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you can see below for information.
  • An AC unit that is constantly in use by an office can be run 24/7/365 if it gets a lot of usage.
  • An evaporative device should be serviced at least twice per year. To ensure that they work well, service them first before summer starts and then again after summer ends for winter decommissioning.

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Saving Money by servicing your AC

AC owners often skip servicing in order to save money but end up spending more over the long term. Regular servicing can extend the life of your AC unit. Even a few years of extra life is worth it when replacements can cost thousands of dollars.

Regular servicing will ensure that your aircon runs at its peak performance. You will experience a cooler home or business, which will result in lower heating bills. Regular maintenance allows you to identify and fix small problems before they grow into bigger, more costly issues.

What can I do to keep my AC units running well?

While servicing is one way to prolong the life of your AC Units, it’s equally important to treat it between services.

First, you need to check, clean, and replace your filters frequently. Most systems should be cleaned and replaced every six months. Systems that are used frequently should be checked every few months. Replace your filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

You should also ensure that your air conditioner is clean. Many of the most common problems with air conditioners are caused by a lack of maintenance. A little bit of cleaning can make a big difference. Clean all vents. Make sure the condensing unit is outside clean. Also, make sure the intake isn’t clogged.

Five Signs You Should Call an Engineer

Most cooling systems don’t wait until the last minute to report a problem. You must be alert for signs that your AC unit may not be performing as expected or is in dire need of repair.

If you see any of these signs, we recommend that you schedule service.

1. Diminished airflow

Airflow from your AC unit has been reduced for a long time. This is usually a sign that there is a serious problem. You can check the filters yourself, or you could have a blockage. If none of these are the case, the compressor might need to be replaced.

2. Blowing hot air instead of cold

Your aircon should cool your room. If it is constantly pumping warm air, you will know that there is a problem. Low refrigerant levels and a faulty compressor are the most common problems.

3. Unexpected Increase in Energy Bills

An air conditioner that is having problems will become more inefficient, which can lead to higher energy bills. Even though your rooms remain cool, increased energy consumption means that your AC must work harder to achieve the same result. If you find any problems with the AC, make sure to check the vents and filters.

4. Leakage or excessive moisture

It’s normal to see a small amount of water outside your home. This is condensation. If you see large amounts of moisture inside your house, it’s likely that there is a problem. This is usually a sign that there’s an issue with the refrigerant. Avoid touching the liquid and call service.

5. Strange Sounds or Smells

Air conditioners should be almost silent and completely inert. An increase in noise is usually due to a problem within the unit. A service can prevent it from getting worse. A bad odour could also indicate mould in your ducting. However, this could be due to a filter.

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