Ceiling Fans Vs Air Conditioning: What’s the Difference?

Ceiling Fans Vs Air Conditioning: What’s the Difference?

Australian weather is known for its unpredictable attitude to temperature. Rainy mornings transform into scorching evenings and frigid nights that change without care. Therefore, when we experience an unexpected heatwave it is crucial to be prepared to deal with it. This is where the battle between ceiling fans and air conditioning enters play.

Although both of these devices can be used to keep our home cool and comfortable during the heat of summer, however, they’re completely different in the way they work as well as how they’re set up and many other aspects. This is why we’re going to talk about it this morning. Since we are the trusted local electricians in Cairns, we have extensive experience dealing with a variety of electrical residential and commercial maintenance and repairs.

In the debate between ceiling fans and AC, who one comes to the top? And what are the major difference between the two?

What is the technical difference between Ceiling Fans and Air Conditioning?

While it is unlikely to confuse them physically, the simple fact they’re often employed interchangeably is a reason to have a discussion about the differences between them in terms of technology. In the end, most people be aware of what an air conditioner and fan are, but understanding how they function can be somewhat more complicated as an issue:

Air Conditioners

In the comparison of ceiling fans and air conditioning, the latter is likely to be more complicated of both. Air conditioning is characterized by heating the air that is absorbed by an evaporator that cools the air prior to it is moved by a fan through your residence. The heat is, however, is what causes the refrigerant in the system to transform into a gas. The volume of this gas is diminished by the compression of the system as it is moved outwards and, when it meets the outdoors air, is allowed to cool and then return to liquid form.

Ceiling Fans

In contrast to the air conditioner mentioned above the ceiling fan does not change the air that flows through it. It instead changes the way heat is distributed throughout an area by promoting airflow that is similar to natural wind. This is achieved through the utilization of a motor that drives fan blades to move air throughout the space. The airflow is able to chill the air and distribute heat, however in a much less direct way than a cooling unit.

What are the differences between them in the Real World?

Although both can be used for cooling rooms as you’ve noticed, their main purposes are quite distinct. Air conditioners, like the name, implies, alter the air, thus changing it and actively taking away heat that is pumped into rooms. However, ceiling fans don’t possess that cooling capacity and instead, focus on more kinetic methods to make a room feel cosy.

All that being said ceiling fans aren’t in any way inferior however they have distinct advantages. When as compared to air conditioners have higher efficiency, are green and easy to keep while also being the best choice for larger areas that aren’t affected by the cooling of air. However, the downside is that you do not really have control over how cool your room is as the fan doesn’t cool the space as such.

Whichever option you opt for, both systems will have advantages as well as disadvantages. But, when the summer heat arrives, I’m certain you’ll be grateful for any option to remain cool and comfy.

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