Air conditioner sounds that require immediate attention

Air conditioner sounds that require immediate attention

The last thing you want to worry about when the weather is extreme is noises from your air conditioner. Millions of Australians depend on air conditioning for the necessary cooling and heating, which is why it makes sense to know the workings of an air conditioner and recognise the indications of faults and damage.

From all the potential problems, Air conditioner noises are among the most apparent. The loud and odd sounds can be indicators of a significant issue. If you are capable of identifying a problem earlier, there’s a high possibility of saving the AC system before it becomes beyond repair.

These are the six most annoying air conditioner sounds and what they are:

1. Humming Sound

A majority of air conditioners emit an acoustic hum that is low-pitched, which is normal. If the sound is more intense than normal, it’s a problem with the motor of the fan.

The motor could make loud sounds in the event that it is blocked by dirt, dust or other debris, or if the motor itself has been damaged. In the event that the motor is not functioning properly or the motor of your air conditioner produces a louder than normal noise, It is recommended to contact a professional for help. Unblocking the fan isn’t easy, and requires access to the compressor’s interior components and causing interference with them could cause damage to the warranty.

2. Buzzing Sound

It’s unlikely that a swarm of honeybees could establish a shop inside one of the AC units, therefore an electrical issue is more likely to be the reason for buzzing sounds. The noise could be that there is an electrical charge from loose or damaged wiring, which is an extreme risk to safety and is a possible fire danger.

Electrical issues need to be handled promptly by shutting off the power source whenever possible and then contacting the help of an HVAC technician. Being able to identify the issue early can be saving on repairs later on.

3. Clicking or popping

A one-time click or pop on to indicate that the air conditioner is communicating with the thermostat, and there is no cause to be concerned. If the sound of clicking or popping is constant it could indicate an issue. A malfunctioning relay or a failing thermostat might be at fault. Whatever the reason is, it’s something that has to be repaired, so look up your warranty and contact an air conditioning technician for the proper fix.

If you depend on the ducts for air conditioning the possibility of a popping or loud banging sound could result from the variations of pressure in the return and air supply duct. Another cause of noise could be that the ducts are expanding and contracting because of variations in temperatures. A professional cleaning the system and seal any leaks and adjust the dampers on the ducts will help to reduce noise.

4. Squealing Noise

A loud sound, such as a squeak or squeal, can be one of the most pronounced sounds made by air conditioners. The loud sound could mean that the belt of the blower motor has become loose and needs adjustment. The majority of modern systems don’t have a belt mechanism and this issue is only a problem for older models.

However, modern air conditioners may also squeak when the bearings on the condenser are worn out due to use or when the compressor is failing. Both of these issues should be dealt with by a technician immediately before they result in the motor failing.

5. Rattling Noise

The sound of rattling is among the most annoying sounding sounds that emanate from an air cooling system. It is possible that particles have entered the system to cause it to rattle and bother. Another reason is that loose pieces have been broken and are now moving within the fan or ducts.

If the compressor in the outdoor has been damaged, the fan blade could be bent, and it is now brushing over the edges of the case. No matter the cause is, the damage to become worse therefore, you should contact a professional ASAP who might be able to give an easy fix before an extensive replacement is needed.

6. Hissing Noise

If your air conditioner makes a roar it could be a sign of either that there’s a leak of air in the system or the compressor has developed an air leak. A leak in the air isn’t a major issue, but one that is more irritating than any other. A leak in refrigerants is an issue of serious concern. Refrigerant gases are found throughout the split systems as well as condensing air conditioners. These gases are used to treat air moving through the system in order to provide the required heating and cooling.

Leakage of refrigerant gases can affect the efficiency of your air conditioning and since the gas contains dangerous chemicals, they could cause poisoning if inhaled, and cause pollution if released into the air.

If you’re hearing the sound of hissing or roaring or your air conditioner does not cool or heat as it did before, you should call an HVAC technician to close the leak and conduct an air conditioner regas.

The Air Conditioner’s Noise Fix

Sounds can be a natural element of the air conditioner’s operation, however, being able to recognise what is different between the sound of a motor that is operating as well as a damaged motor could be the key to the longevity of your unit.

Without precognitive skills, The best method to ensure that your air conditioner is free of faults is to have an annual maintenance service. A certified HVAC technician will provide maintenance services by cleaning, inspecting the system, and then re-installing it so that it will perform well during heavy usage during the season. A technician is also able to spot any potential problems before they turn into major damage.

If you hear any of these sounds If you hear a strange sound, consider it an indication to contact our team today to get emergency repairs or replacements.

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